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Our agency has big experience in purchasing property. We have large number of satisfied clients who are now owners of property in Montenegro.



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safeguarding the key

Base work of our company is service SAFEGURDING THE KEY. Our team is ordinary and professionally checking and circulating your apartments and houses, also we inform (by e-mail) our clients about condition of their property.

This service includes:

-our obligations to ordinary circulate your property
-ventilation of apartments, houses (opening windows and balcony doors)
-checking all installations (electric and water)
-control electric equipment in apartments
-watering plants

Also if our client needs (in case when it is rented apartment) we will deliver key to particular person.
Enough is to send an e-mail with personal identity for person who will rent the apartment and to give us permission to deliver the key. Client in an e-mail also needs to tell us when we should return the key.

Price of this service will be arranged with client, based on property size and location.