Article 1

These terms determine work of agency registered as “PROPERTY SERVICE” D.O.O. Herceg Novi, Montenegro who provide HOME MANAGEMENT SERVICES

Article 2
For agency to start giving client its service it is necessary to sign the business contract which starts deriving our service immediately after signing.

Article 3
Contract lasts in a period of at list 6 months or a year, and agreed amount of money should be paid at the account of agency in 7 days after signing the contract.

Article 4
Agency obligates its self to inform a client for the all extra services that are not in contract and to ask for their permission to do so, and then it will be formed annexation contract (or online order) with agreed amount of money.

Article 5
Addition service will start applying when client pays the amount of money agreed in article 4.

Article 6
Agency obligates its self to bypass real estate two times a month, while lasting contract, and to do services that are marked in the main contract between client and agency. Client will be informed by e-mail on status of property.

Article 7
Agency is not responsible for the damage originated in brake inks by third person or higher power. In case this happens agency will inform client and head personnel.