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Our agency has big experience in purchasing property. We have large number of satisfied clients who are now owners of property in Montenegro.



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additional services

This service is created to provide you even more comfortable owning and using your property on the Montenegro coast.

Depending on your needs, wishes and requests regarding your property we provide you Additional Services.

All services will be carried out at high professional standards. These services can be arranged with e-mail or with telephone.

Additional services:

-any kind of required work (internal or external repairs, plumbing, electrical installations, painting, decorating to your specification, new constructions, building... etc.)
-reconstruction of the houses and apartments (on cooperation with architects and constructor company)
-arranging all utility payments
-gathering mail delivered to your property and forwarding it to your home address
-installing, delivered and equipments furniture to your apartments and houses (air conditioners, satellite set, central heating, home computer network…etc.)
-picking you up at the airport or organizing rent a car
-accommodations when you stay here on business trip or vacation
-final cleaning of the property and thoroughly airing all the rooms
-making the beds
-turning on the water heaters, air conditioners (depending on the season) and final checking of all electrical appliances
-welcome packs for you or your guests arrival
-opening your own company in Montenegro (if you need)

After you or your guests leave, home cleaning, laundry washing will be done, everything will be restored in place, all appliances turned off, gas and water valves checked and closed.