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Our agency has big experience in purchasing property... We have large number of satisfied clients who are now owners of property in Montenegro.



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welcome to the property service montenegro

Property Service d.o.o Herceg Novi is specialized offering HOME MANAGEMENT SERVICE to clients who is owners of property in Herceg Novi, Kotor and peninsula Lustica. We are here to help and offer you a complete serves from purchase process to taking care of your property

safeguarding the key

Base work of our company is service SAFEGURDING THE KEY. Our team is ordinary and professionally checking and circulating your apartments


and houses, also we inform (by
e-mail) our clients about condition of their property.

administrative service

ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE includes spacious spectrum of services for people who have property in Montenegro. We have designed this service for owners of land who want to build apartments and houses, renovated

own apartments and houses.

This service also includes works for clients who want to register their property, property list; to get different approvals and consentient for building and reconstructing.

We are representing and doing all the paper work for our clients when they are here or away, while they are resting, tucking a walk, enjoying Montenegro’s sun and beautiful beaches.